Rose Tyler
23 December 2011 @ 01:54 pm
[A couple of weeks ago, Rose sent out invitations inviting people to Christmas at the flat she shares with the Doctors. Since then, she's been running around like a headless chicken for many reasons, the party only being one.

The flat is a large one on the top floor with high ceilings and good views. It's a bit sparsely furnished with the main feature being a hammock bed hanging in one corner in front of a window. There's a television, some sort of funky looking sofa, one of those large over sized chairs that two skinny people can sit in and end tables scattered near the seating. There's also a Christmas tree that probably looks like Christmas threw up pink and TARDIS blue on it.

The Doctor (with the hair) is in the kitchen cooking while Rose runs back and forth between the kitchen and the living area to talk with people. Come in, have a drink and mingle. The actual dinner is going to be on the rooftop.]

[ooc: I thought I'd put this up early so people could play with it. There will be a 'during dinner' header below this. Feel free to thread jack, take some liberties with what's going on and just have fun. There's no time limit on this and backtagging is encouraged and loved. If Rose sent you an invitation or if it's been discussed via plurk, ic or any other means that your character was attending, have at it.]