04 January 2011 @ 12:56 pm
Rose Tyler's List of things to do with The Doctor  
Rose's List of Things to Do:


Fingerpaint a wall in the apartment when tiny

Ride on the Doctor's shoulders when tiny

Touch a priceless painting (Van Gogh in the real world, break in and touch one in the City)

See the planet with the giant roses (real world)

Take your Rose to work day

The Doctor and a guitar

Complicated game of hide and seek. Rules will be made on the spot. Almost treasure hunt sort of thing.

Find Mary Poppins (real world)

Water Gun League in the Summer

Blanket Fort Day


Time Lord Victorious

Talk to Poly mods again about Bad Wolf as a warning in the City--emailed 1/10

Give Ten a Happy!Concussion

Gothic Romance

Talk to some various people around the City about immortality

Get in trouble with the Doctors for the above

Find out who owns the art gallary in the palace and see if they'd let Rose and Ten sneak/break in. Willing to have them caught?

Suggest Dalek invasion curse?

Make her read Twilight for the sheery mocking parallels of it