Rose Tyler
20 July 2011 @ 02:41 pm
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Rose Tyler
Rose's List of Things to Do:


Fingerpaint a wall in the apartment when tiny

Ride on the Doctor's shoulders when tiny

Touch a priceless painting (Van Gogh in the real world, break in and touch one in the City)

See the planet with the giant roses (real world)

Take your Rose to work day

The Doctor and a guitar

Complicated game of hide and seek. Rules will be made on the spot. Almost treasure hunt sort of thing.

Find Mary Poppins (real world)

Water Gun League in the Summer

Blanket Fort Day


Time Lord Victorious

Talk to Poly mods again about Bad Wolf as a warning in the City--emailed 1/10

Give Ten a Happy!Concussion

Gothic Romance

Talk to some various people around the City about immortality

Get in trouble with the Doctors for the above

Find out who owns the art gallary in the palace and see if they'd let Rose and Ten sneak/break in. Willing to have them caught?

Suggest Dalek invasion curse?

Make her read Twilight for the sheery mocking parallels of it
Rose Tyler
15 October 2010 @ 05:17 pm
Rose is sitting with her back against the console of the TARDIS. The way she's sitting it's difficult to tell but she's handcuffed to the console with handcuffs made of TARDIS coral. She also appears to be perfectly content with this turn of events. She's got one of those rubbish tabloids and is flipping through it.

"Manchester United's lookin' at the world cup. Haven't been good since the 80's in my world. Mickey'd be delighted."

It's idle conversation and they both know it but he refuses to talk about anything that matters and she refuses to sit in silence.
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Rose Tyler
The last few hours of work seemed to stretch out forever. At one time she would have ducked out of work to let him know immediately. They needed the money and she hated using what he had saved. He'd have to live here a lot longer than she would. She uses her key on the motel room door, opens it and walks through the nudges it shut with her foot.

"Heard somethin' interestin' today," she says as she tosses her bag on the bed. "Lady comes in once a week to get her shoppin' done. Today she's chattin' up one of the girls, talkin' 'bout her job. She works in a nursing home with dementia and Alzheimer's patients. So she's sayin' that in the last week admittance has more than doubled and 'bout half of that are young people. In their twenties and thirties. They ought not to be old enough to have those diseases. Thought maybe you and I better look into it."

She's not really sure it's alien. It's suspicious though and he needs something to do. She's worried about him. She's worried that this gloom isn't lifting. She's worried that she can't ever fix him; that she's lost her Doctor forever and that's unacceptable.

"Want to give it a look see?"
Rose Tyler
They've already got the technology. They just haven't figured out how to track him yet. It takes Rose months and more jumps than she cares to count. Sometimes she thinks she's going to be pulled apart at the seams with all the jumping back and forth through time. They warn her that the odds are against her. They tell her she's only got this one planet to work with and he's got an entire Universe plus timelines they can't ever access. She tells them she'll take her chances.

When she ends up in San Francisco 1999, the equipment malfunctions. The jacket won't work and she's so frustrated, so tired so bereft that she almost cries right there in the middle of the wharf. Instead she pulls it together like he would and finds a place to sleep for a little while. Once she's had some rest it's time for fish and chips. They're almost as good as home and they go a long way toward making her feel better.

Right then. Might as well do some research while she's here. See if she can find out if he's been here recently. If he's scheduled to show up anytime soon. Library then a call into UNIT. Despite having a plan, she doesn't act on it. She'll wander a bit more, navigate her way through the people on the wharf and enjoy the day. She's never been to San Francisco in any time.
Rose Tyler
23 April 2010 @ 08:15 pm
[A fresh, new leather journal with thick lined pages. The handwriting is girlish but purposeful]

The Doctor's Memories

Susan : Granddaughter : Called her 'Child' because he muddled names and didn't want to muck hers up : Brilliant, young, romantic : A lot like her mother : Loved adventure, loved to travel : First one to called the TARDIS the TARDIS : He called it the ship before that.

Adelaide Brooke : Brilliant : An astronaut : Captain of Bowie Base One: Killed herself to preserve the time line he tampered with

Christina de Souza : Lovely : Art thief : Fancied him : Flew off in a flying bus

Jackson Lake : Thought he was the Doctor

River Song

Astrid Peth

Donna Noble

Martha Jones

Jack Harkness
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Rose Tyler
10 April 2010 @ 01:58 am
["It has been said that 'time heals all wounds'. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens, but it is never gone" - Rose F. Kennedy ]

“She'll be alright. Time heals all wounds.”

She has books and spiral bound notebooks scattered across the kitchen table. There are glasses perched on the end of her nose. There's a wrinkle between her eyebrows that might be permanent at this point.

“I can hear you, y'know.”

“Your mum's just worried,” Pete says. Jackie looks sheepish for a moment then outraged.

“Like you're not worried 'bout her too.”

“Mum, can both stop worrying. I'm fine. I'm working.” She glances up at them over the rim of the glasses.

“You're always working, Rose.” Jackie's got that tone in her voice that warns of an oncoming lecture. “He wouldn't want this for you.”

Rose purses her lip and gives Jackie the benefit of a full glare. “What? Me working for UNIT? Think that's exactly what he'd want, Mum. I've got experience that most those people don't. I'm usin' it.”

“But you're working yourself to death! You're supposed to have a life.”

“A life doesn't mean I have to run out and get a boyfriend, Mum.” She takes the glasses off and pushes the notebook she's scribbling in away. “I'm working in a job that means something. M'not a shop girl anymore.”

“Nothing wrong with a shop girl. Least you weren't workin' yourself to the bone. You've lost weight, Rose.”

“Jealous you haven't?” Rose snaps then winces. “M'sorry, Mum. Didn't mean that. I'll go get some chips if that'll make you feel better.”

“It's not about that. You're just throwin' your life away on a bunch of numbers and books to chase after--”

“Don't.” It's a warning from the woman traveling with the Doctor created. More to the point it's a warning from the woman losing him created. Rose is different now; harder and more determined. She's grown up in all the worst ways.

“I just--”

“Mum, it's bad enough I have to fight with them at work. Don't you understand? The TARDIS is dying. We've got a finite amount of time to find him; to undo all of this. I can't-” She stops, emotion choking her words. She bites the tip of her tongue and shakes her head. “Need a bit of air. Get some chips.”

She's lying. She doesn't even consider the chips. It's straight to the warehouse holding the TARDIS for her. Tonight the ship is awake, soft blue light coming from the core. She crawls inside, closes the door and sits on the floor grate with her back against the console.

“Waitin' for me were you?” she asks quietly, bumping her fingers over the grate. Sometimes she feels like this blue box is the only one that understands how much she misses him. The others at UNIT don't understand her attachment to the TARDIS. It's a machine to them, a means to an end and a piece of technology to pick apart, but Rose is torn every time they pull energy from the core, every time they take a little bit more of the vortex. They're killing the ship quicker and she knows that but there isn't any other way to find him.

“That's why you put up with our lot innit?” She leans her head back against the console. “I promise you I'll find him.”

The light from the TARDIS core dims a little then brightens and dims again.

“For both our sakes.”
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Rose Tyler
24 June 2008 @ 10:38 am

“Did you see that?” Rose asks but the girl chattering next to her doesn’t pause in folding. Rose tilts her head and watches.

“What is it?” the girl finally asks and Rose shakes her head, disappointment making her face fall.

“It’s…nothing,” Rose confirms, forcing the corners of her mouth to turn up in a farce of a smile. “It’s nothing. I thought I saw the mannequin move.”

And that of course makes the girl burst into peals of laughter. Mannequins moving, no one ever heard of a such a thing.

Her shift ends and she goes home and there are no blimps, no alien craft smashing into Big Ben and no blue boxes waiting for her on corners. Jackie is talking from the moment Rose walks in the flat, prattling about her day and asking about the shop.

“M’tired, Mum. Just going to go to sleep, alright?” Rose says as she kisses Jackie’s cheek and heads for her room.

“You sleep so much, Rose. He’s not coming back, y’know. He told you that.”

Rose stops in her tracks, back to her mother and she nods. “I know, Mum. M’just tired. Been a long day. I worked with Beth.”
That sets Jackie off on another tangent but it frees Rose to crawl into her bed, blankets pulled up to her chin as she drifts off. She knows she sleeps too much now but it’s not an exercise in sloth or depression as Jackie thinks. Rose is working when she sleeps, she’s figuring it and she’s finding a way. He can’t come to her and she knows it but she’s tied to the TARDIS and she’s bound to him. She looked into the whole of that little, blue, box one time and now she’s not entirely human. She’s not a time lord either or an alien of any sort. She’s Bad Wolf and she’s learned how to do more than scatter words to lead herself home.