Rose Tyler
02 January 2012 @ 08:02 pm
[The audio feed clicks on in the middle of a sentence. It was meant to be a private recording but flipped over to public in the middle of things.]

--ought to want to leave. There's a whole Universe out there to explore and I've just seen a tiny corner of it. And I do want to see the Universe. I want to see all the planets and all the bits that are goin' to be and the parts that have been. Never wanted that 'fore him, y'know? I was happy with my nice life, my job in the department store and my chips 'til he showed me the whole Universe and I didn't think I'd ever be happy with that nice sorta life again. Now...I realise it's more 'bout him then it is about the travelin'. I think maybe it always has been. He is...the most amazing man.

[She pauses for a long moment, no other sounds to really cue her unintended audience to what's going on.]

I thought I'd lost him. Not lost your child in the grocery store over by the sweets sorta lost. Really lost. Sealed dimensions sorta lost and there were days...I couldn't give up hope because then there was just nothin' but some days it was so hard to hope. They kept tellin' me what the odds of findin' him were. Mum kept sayin' not to get my hopes up but they never understood, my hopes were always sorta pinned up on him so far up that they couldn't get any higher.

[She sighs, pausing to try and gather all of her thoughts so that this voice memoir has some sort of focus instead of just rambling. She's fairly certain her rambling is getting worse in response to spending so much time with the Doctor and his rambling. It's not a bad thing, it's just not a concise thing.]

I've got both of them here and...I am so loved. Each one of 'em would tear apart the Universe for me and I love both of them so much, I think it's goin' to rip me apart inside. I'm just grateful, I guess. Grateful to be able to have both of them here and to spend--to get to have this. It's better than the stars, the universe, the planets and all the time lines together.

[Another sigh, more frustrated than the other.]

None of this is sayin' what I mean but writin' it doesn't help either. M'grateful beyond all sortsa words. Doctors, if I ever disappear and you hear this: don't be disappointed 'cause I didn't want to leave. Sorta both your faults anyhow. I love you both and this has been the best adventure.

[There's a click as she stops the recording and then some shuffling as it flips to video. She's lying on her stomach in her room.]

Thinkin' it's time to paint the flat. Doctor? Up for it?
Rose Tyler
07 December 2011 @ 04:50 pm
I got too old for Santa when I was nine...'cept for the year I was twelve. I asked for a red bicycle. Anyway, haven't written a letter to Saint Nick since then but here in the City...I figger...why not?

No reason for me to put it on the network though.

He knows who's been bad or be good for goodness sake... )
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Rose Tyler
16 November 2011 @ 08:22 pm
[The device is set on a table looking onto a mirror. Rose pops out from behind a curtain wearing this. She poses in the mirror, leaning closer to the mirror. She even takes a strand of her hair and drapes it over her top lip like a mustache, holding it there by pursing her lips.]

Doctor! You comin' out? You have to model, s'part of the deal.
Rose Tyler
18 October 2011 @ 05:22 pm
[The device flickers on to show the bathroom. There's a bathtub full of bubbles, a half glass of wine sitting on the edge of the tub and lit candles are scattered about. However, there's no sign of anyone in the bathroom or the tub. From the way the candles are guttering it's clear that they've been lit for a while. ]

DOC--[Rose's appearance is fairly sudden and she's clearly not in any stage of taking a bath. She's wearing a pair of black pants, a dark pink tee shirt and a purple leather jacket. She looks confused and a bit distraught.]ter

[She starts his name out almost a yell, like she's trying to be heard over something and finishes it up as a whisper. She bends over and blows out the candles then grabs her device, shoves it in her pocket--not realizing it's still on-- and throws open the bathroom door. That would be fury all over her face. She's angry about something.]

Doctor! [And it's pretty clear from the way she says his name as she storms into the living room looking for the Doctor that her anger is directed toward him.]

[ooc: This is a canon update. Rose was only gone for about a half an hour. Rose is now caught up to the very end of 'Journey's End'. Video or audio replies will be forth coming. Some of them after the fight she has with the Doctor.]
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Rose Tyler
14 September 2011 @ 02:48 pm
[The device is broadcasting a couple on a scooter who looks like this. Rose puts her helmet on and wraps her arms around the Doctor's waist.]

Let's go, Daddy-o.

[Which is probably a phrase he would normally frown at and tell her 'don't, just don't'. They'll be all around town so feel free to run into them at the shake shop or in the street.]