Rose Tyler
18 October 2011 @ 05:22 pm
[The device flickers on to show the bathroom. There's a bathtub full of bubbles, a half glass of wine sitting on the edge of the tub and lit candles are scattered about. However, there's no sign of anyone in the bathroom or the tub. From the way the candles are guttering it's clear that they've been lit for a while. ]

DOC--[Rose's appearance is fairly sudden and she's clearly not in any stage of taking a bath. She's wearing a pair of black pants, a dark pink tee shirt and a purple leather jacket. She looks confused and a bit distraught.]ter

[She starts his name out almost a yell, like she's trying to be heard over something and finishes it up as a whisper. She bends over and blows out the candles then grabs her device, shoves it in her pocket--not realizing it's still on-- and throws open the bathroom door. That would be fury all over her face. She's angry about something.]

Doctor! [And it's pretty clear from the way she says his name as she storms into the living room looking for the Doctor that her anger is directed toward him.]

[ooc: This is a canon update. Rose was only gone for about a half an hour. Rose is now caught up to the very end of 'Journey's End'. Video or audio replies will be forth coming. Some of them after the fight she has with the Doctor.]
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