05 September 2012 @ 05:34 pm
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Rose pushed open the heavy door, letting it slam shut behind her. Her walk toward the blue police box in the center of the room was unusually slow, stalled by a stop at the bank of computers to check some of the readings the TARDIS has been putting out lately. Her fingers flew over the keys, producing screens that she squinted at and leaned in, tugged at her bottom lip with her thumb and forefinger then sighed and leaned back. The TARDIS was constantly monitored here.

Finally, she pushed herself away from the computers and stepped toward the time machine. Her fingers caressed wood that felt colder to the touch than it used to. The TARDIS was dying. There was no doubt about that; it was simply a matter of how long they had, how long she could keep fighting and helping them.

“Quiet today,” she said as she nudged open the door and stepped inside the console room. The center console pulsed once with a faint light in greeting. “Haven’t been ‘round much lately.”

Rose had been avoiding the TARDIS since she began her relationship with Percy. Sure, she saw the box every day at work, talked to her, coaxed her into life, into giving them a little more help, but she didn’t talk to her like this at work. Everyone in UNIT already thought she was barmy. Most of them still didn’t know her name because Rose didn’t want to muck things up (any more) jumping through universes, tossing her name about. Names had power and power had to be used carefully when one was a time traveller.

“Sorry ‘bout that.” She sat down in the jump seat, quiet for a moment, sorting her words out. “You’re probably less surprised by this than I am.” She paused, taking her bottom lip between her forefinger and thumb, pulling it out, twisting it a bit and tugging at it. When her words finally came, they were said in a single rush of breath.

“Me and Percy have started seein’ each other…like datin’.”

Once the news was broken, Rose relaxed a little, exhaling loudly, watching and listening for a reaction. The TARDIS felt like she was holding her breath, waiting for Rose to finish: that clever thing mums did, filling the silence with ‘and?’.

“I’m not ever gonna stop lookin’ for the Doctor. He swears he won’t either. It’s—different with him—than it was with the Doctor. Percy helps me remember there’s not just the Doctor to find; there’s a world to save and it deserves savin’. “

There was a long pause, Rose gnawing at her bottom lip as she processed her thoughts and emotions. Talking to the TARDIS always made her feel better, helped her sort through her thoughts. “I guess in some ways, he’s my companion—what I was to the Doctor.”

Percy humanized Rose, kept her from becoming so focused on saving the Doctor that she forgot everything else. He made her feel something that was here and now, rather then emotions that only existed in the past. He reminded her that just because the Doctor was lost it didn’t mean Rose Tyler was too. He was the one person at work who know who she was.

“I’m goin’ to bring him back to see you, yeah?” Because she missed nights spent roaming through the rooms in the TARDIS, cataloguing changes, relaxing at home because when it came right down to it, that’s what the TARDIS was more than the house she shared with her Mum, Pete and Tony. The TARDIS was Rose’s home. She liked being able to share this with the TARDIS and she loved being able to share the TARDIS with Percy. She couldn’t help but think the more people who loved the blue box, the more people who realized she was a sentient being and not just a ship, the better. The people who loved them kept them fighting. Percy could be one of those people for both Rose and the TARDIS.

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