18 September 2011 @ 08:14 pm
[The device shows a very steamy, small bathroom. It's clearly sitting on the edge of the sink. There is singing of a poppy sort and it's not bad really. In fact it's fairly good. It goes on for a minute or so then the water shuts off. An arm snakes out, grabs the towel off the hook and the singing resumes. Several seconds later, Rose steps out of the shower wrapped in the towel. She's still humming a bit under her breath as she grabs another towel and starts drying her hair. She doesn't notice anything off until she turns to the mirror and her eyes go wide and that is the slightest of screams. She pays Cinna very well to make sure her hair is a beautiful blonde color.

Her hair is very, violently pink.]

Oh Blimey.
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